PetzLife Neem Shampoo

PetzLife Neem Shampoo

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PetzLife Neem Shampoo

Specially formulated with Neem Oil and Karanja Oil to help protect from mites and other biting insects. Keeps coat healthy, clean and bug free!

Now for the first time the miraculous healing power of Neem and Karanja Oil has been added to the most luxurious pet shampoo combining with a unique blend of natural botanical extracts of Rosemary, & Green Tea, Vitamin E, Biotin, Vitamin B5, Shea Butter, Honey & essential oils.

Mild, tear-free, concentrated formula helps to alleviate difficult skin irritations such as heat rash, hot spots, abrasions and scaly skin. Protects pets from mites and other biting insects. Also helps heal bites.


Wet fur thoroughly with warm water. Apply shampoo sparingly. Lather and rinse out completely with warm water.

8.5 oz. (Concentrated 6 to 1)