PetzLife Triple Pet EZDog Toothbrush

PetzLife Triple Pet EZDog Toothbrush

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PetzLife Triple Pet EZDog Toothbrush

The Better Pet Toothbrush makes brushing more efficient and effective by reaching all tooth surfaces with every stroke. 3

3 separate, flexible heads surround each tooth to sweep away plaque and debris, while massaging and cleaning the gum tissue.

Foam grip allows you to maintain a firm hold on the brush. The Triple Pet Toothbrush gets the job done faster, easier and better.

The three flexible heads maintain the proper pressure on all surfaces of the tooth with every stroke. In addition to the standard top bristles, the two side bristles are at the proper 45 degree angle for thorough surface cleaning while the soft outer bristles massage and stimulate your pet's gums.

By running the brush over thinner and thicker parts of a finger, you can see Triple Pet's independent brushes in action!

*The bristles are in cleaning contact with every exposed part of each tooth, small or large, and in massaging contact with the inner and outer gum lines in a single stroke.

*Fitting snug to all exposed parts of the teeth, top, front and back, it is much easier for you to keep the brush on your pet's teeth even if the animal may move.

*The backside of the Triple Pet head is configured as a tongue scrapper.

*Brushing your pet's teeth is a major step to keeping your pet healthy and happy.

*Brushing wards off bad breath, gum disease and other mouth infection.

*There is a scientifically proven connection between unhealthy gums and heart disease.

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